Name Yvonne Wiseman

Date received Oct. 6, 2008
Excerpt from her memoir:

This story is from Cormack Heritage Center.

Wiseman, Yvonne
– England [Mrs. John Wiseman] , children Hazel & Roy. Excerpt from her memoir: “I guess the adventure of being a War Bride really started when John and I and our 18 month old daughter boarded the S.S. Queen Elizabeth in South Hampton, England in November 1945, bound for Halifax, Nova Scotia. The liner had been stripped to accommodate thousands of troops, returning them to their homeland. It wasn’t a voyage of luxury but it got us to safety. We will never forget our early morning arrival into Halifax harbour. It was full of boats large and small, with sirens blowing and horns blaring and every kind of noisemaker imaginable being used. Cheering crowds and flags flying, all there to welcome home the soldiers. It was an impressive moment when the National Anthem was struck up and thousands of male voices joined to sing “Oh Canada!”. As the tugs edged us in closer there was a rush to one side of the ship for a better look at the welcoming crowds – and then the P.A. system suddenly bellowing forth, urging us to move back to the opposite decks. The mighty ship was listing! That voyage was the second last time that the Queen Elizabeth was commissioned to bring troops and war brides back to Canada. That evening, a number of Newfoundland soldiers and their families, ourselves included, boarded a train for North Sydney. There we embarked on the S.S. Burgeo for the night crossing of the Cabot Strait to Port aux Basques.

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