First and foremost I would like to thank my husband Gary, who thought I had grown on to the computer chair. He was my knight who fixed, found and figured out what I had done to our poor little computer.

Next Professor Pierre N. LeBlanc, of Sir Wilfred Grenfell College, for all his guidance. He is our computer professor who, after having me as a student, may be looking for early retirement.

I would like to thank Sir Wilfred Grenfell College for supplying technical support in the form of one Jonathan Cohlmeyer who put the third and working draft of this site together. He sat with me for over 20 hours setting up a layout I could follow. He answered questions such as "can we do this"? Is this possible? What about this? He guided me and found things I deleted, lost, changed and had sent by mistake to the great computer waste lands located somewhere inside all our computers.

A big thank you to Robin Gosse who was first to come on board and helped put the second draft of this site together.

Kathy Thistle Elliott, also the daughter of war bride Joyce Spence Thistle, and the staff of the Corner Brook Museum & Archives who got me going and have been there to help and support me.

A special thank you to May Ash and the British War Brides Association of NL.

A huge thank you to ESPress who published, “We Came From Over the Sea.”

Captain Hall and his ship research. Thank you for answering my questions.

The Legions across Newfoundland and Labrador.

Maura Hanrahan, Ph.D. and George J. Casey for their article: Roses and Thistles: Second World War brides in Newfoundland.

And of course ALL the War Brides themselves.

2012 CBC Land & Sea and Gary Alcock
2011 - 2010 Gary Alcock
2009 - Gary Alcock & the
Corner Brook Museum & Archives and Anna Mayard
2008 - 2006 Gary Alcock

The last two donations allowed me to buy binders, plastic see thru sleeves and sticker that allowed me to set up a filling system to keep track of family member who have sent in information because I have to be able to prove where my information is obtained. Also from time to time someone wants to get in touch with a family where I will send the family a email and let them decide if they would like to get in touch. It was very hard for me to do this as most of the time names on the emails do not mach up with the war bride or the email address.

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