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Listed: 13 WWI & 595 WWII War Brides
Updated Nov.12, 2012


My name is Jackie Sheppard Alcock and my mom, Mary Fletcher Sheppard, was an English war bride. I think, as a child of a war bride, I was to close to them to realize we were losing them and the history surrounding their lives. When "2006 The Year of the War Bride" was being celebrated I tried to do research for a painting I wanted to do depicting a war bride and it was then that I realized just how little information on Newfoundland War Brides was available and that soon the role these women played in our history would fade.

There is a very good Canadian War Bride web site put together by Melynda Jarratt who has just published the book "War Brides: The stories of the women who left everything behind to follow the men they loved." The stories of two Newfoundland War Brides are included in this book.

There were over 43,454 Canadian War Brides and the fact that the Canadian War Bride site is also a volunteer site, trying to including information on all the war brides was just imposiable.

We must remember that because Newfoundland was not part of Canada during the war the Newfoundland War Brides represent a special group with special needs. There are only an esitmated 800 Newfoundland & Labrador War Brides. Being the daughter of one of these women I decided to take up the cause and with one computer art course behind me, I decided to put together this web site.

I will admit I almost gave up but something happened that changed my mind. One day I went to an out of town gathering and while having a cup of tea enquired of a server, who was only about 40 years of age, if she knew of any war brides in the area. She asked me, "what is a war bride?" I knew then that I could not give up but would have to carry out this project, albeit at a much faster pace.

Some notes about this site

   1. This web site is ongoing. Changes will happen.It may take years to complete.
   2. I started with one war bride and to date Nov. 12, 2012 the site has 595 names.
      There is thought to be as many as 800 Newfoundland War Brides.
   3. I am hoping that war brides or their families will come forward and send in the information I do not      have. Please try to include the full given and nick names
  4. Out of the 580 war brides their are many that are only names.
  5. I am not perfect so there will be mistakes please send me any corrections and I will fix them.
  6. Remember that I am working alone and things take Time.It has taken me since Oct, 2006 to reach this        point.
  7. I would like to include the number of children and their names making this the starting point for a family      tree.
  8. For war bride children born overseas the Citizenship a new page has been
      added " Children of War Brides and A Citizenship Certificate|."
  9. On the site I will try to include any information available aboutNewfoundland War Brides such as              links and references tonewspaper articles,books, and art. If you have anything please send it in with        your info.
10. Ship information is something I am working on.
11. I NEED PICTURES. I am working on a yearbook layout were the frame of the portrait of each war bride      will portray the national flower of the country she is from.
12. It would be good if a contact number were supplied because I often need to clarify a fact or two.


I lost my mom in 2001 so if your mom or grand mom is still alive
ask her her story and give her a hug.