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Name: Carol Lalonde
Comment: This is an incredible sight to visit.Keep up the good work.I am looking for any information on Warbrides or their families who came over on The Scythia Feb 1946 arrival in Halifax March 1946.My Mum and sister were on it.Any help would be greatly appreciated
Thank You
Carol Lalonde

1/12/10 6:20 PM
Name: Carol Lalonde
Comment: Love this sight My mom was a War bride she came from England Feb 1946 arrived March 1946 in Halifax along with my 4 year old sister then on to Montreal to be with my Father & his family.Would love to read and learn more from any family members Thank You all for sharing these memories.

12.11.17 12:59 PM

Name: Tony Roberts
Comment: Great photos,great site.I always attend Nov.11 services.

12/11/09 2:02 PM

In Canada "grants" of Canadian Citizenship come under the discretionary power of the minister.
The 1946 Citizenship Act of Canada was amended simultaneously with the enactment of the UK act cited on your web page.
Both the UK and the Canadian Acts conferred citizenship on Newfoundlanders (including many of my second cousins) by "operation of law" not by grant.
It is both misleading and demeaning to say that Newfoundlanders were granted citizenship.

Frederick Colbourne

I have changed the introduction on this page.

Looking for help!


Hello Jackie
Lucy Ann Howard, born May 9th, 1923 is my great aunt.I came across her during my Family History research.I don't even know if she was a war bride... I am just trying all avenues I can think of to find out what happened to her.

Hope you can help
Sonia Johnson

It is not known if Lucy Ann was a war bride or if she came to Canada or Newfoundland shortly after the WWII.

I have just finished cross checking the passengers list for the March 17, 1946 sailing of the SS SCYTHIA with the names of almost 300 Newfoundland War Brides on it. I have also just learned that there may have been almost 400 Newfoundland War Brides on this crossing and have ordered a copy of the original passengers list as any bride that entered Newfoundland through Port aux Basques was not on my list.
Oct. 30, 2009

10/13/09 5:23 PM

Please note that Beth and her dad are not alone. I am hoping to put up a page that will direct war bride children in the right direction and any info on this would be most welcomed.

Name: beth
Comment: i am hopeing someone out there can help grandmother and my father came to nfld on the queen mary in father needs to try and get a copy of my grandmothers ticket (passport) as he applied for his pension and they are saying he is not a canadian. he has been here 61years.if anyone knows how we could go about trying to get this please let us know.her name was ivy whyte.

10/13/09 8:29 PM

Name: Sandra Lucas Parsons
Comment: Great job and I know lots of hard work for you , but keep it up ...

Date: 7/30/09

Name: Elizabeth Whalen
7/30/09 11:54 PM

Hi Jackie,
My children have read this site now and again we all thank you for this project.

Date: 7/30/09

Name: Elizabeth Whalen
Comment: How proud I am to see my mother on this site, I am her oldest child and have wonderful memories of her beautiful singing voice,her ability to play a nimber of musical instruments. She was the most generous person I have ever known, she held dying babies,sat with the sick, made clothes for the kids who had none and even took our favourite clothes to give to others who needed them. She taught my father to dance,made costumes for the school plays but most of all taught us empathy,would not listen to harmful gossip nor allow any racist remarks. She was lonely for her family in Scotland but gave her best to her new community. Anna,Roy and I are very proud of her, she will always be lovingly remembered. Thank you again for this wonderful site. Elizabeth( Betty) Whalen

Date: Wed, 22 Jul 2009
These 2 emails came in on another computer and were just found.
Name: Joe & Mary Tucker
Comment: This is beautiful Web site i often bring it up and see all the change. All for the better i might add.

8/7/09 2:07 PM,

Name:Joe & Mary Tucker

Comment: On 8/7/09 2:07 PM

Thanks for putting it (their 65 Wedding Anniversary) on the web site we appreshiate it very much.
I dont think Mary will remember very much about it..
We were married 65 years today, and I must say we spent our honey moon in a hotel in Dundee,Scotland.When we got up the next morning here I was with a beautiful Bride beside me, no money to pay the hotel bill, the only thing I had was an Airforce Uniform and that belong to the King ofEngland. 65 yearslater I awoke with my beautiful Bride near me, I got up and counter my change and I had $11.10, in change so I said to Mary we have come a long way since then.
We are still very much in Love may be more than ever. I hope this don't bore you I had to tell you, that we did not marry for money I was as poor as a church mouse as the saying goes .
Joe Mary Tucker.
Thanks again for putting it on the web site.

July 30, 2009 5:34 PM

Name: Elizabeth Whalen
Comment: How proud I am to see my mother on this site, I am her oldest child and have wonderful memories of her beautiful singing voice,her ability to play a nimber of musical instruments.
She was the most generous person I have ever known, she held dying babies,sat with the sick, made clothes for the kids who had none and even took our favourite clothes to give to others who needed them.
She taught my father to dance,made costumes for the school plays but most of all taught us empathy,would not listen to harmful gossip nor allow any racist remarks.
She was lonely for her family in Scotland but gave her best to her new community.
Anna,Roy and I are very proud of her, she will always be lovingly remembered.
Thank you again for this wonderful site.
Thank you

July25, 2009 7:05 PM

Looking for Evelyn Mary Turner
Name: Geoffrey James Barrington
Comment: We have discovered the lady's name, Evelyn Mary Turner.
Does any one remember her on the Cabot Strait maiden voyage in 1947
travelling from Glasgow to St John's.
Thank you

July10/09 12:00 PM

Looking for Evelyn
Name: Geoffrey James Barrington
Comment: My wife Marilyn Cornelius who was six at the time and her sister Diane sailed on the maiden voyage of the Cabot Strait in July 1947 with their mother Lily (now deceased).They were going to Port Hope Simpson to meet up with their Dad/husband who was working for a Pit prop company from Cardiff.
On the tripe they met a very kind woman named Evelyn who was returning from Scotland to St John's. As my wife's Mum has now died we cannot remember her surname, Evelyn was married to a Scottish soldier but divorced by 1947, and was returning to Labrador. We would very much like to get in contact with Evelyn and if anyone know who she was there are two little girls who although now grown up would like to say Hi.
We know that war bride Sybil Barrett also sailed on the maiden voyage in 1947.
If anyone has memories of us as young girls we would love to hear them.
Thank you


Name: Patricia
Comment: Hi Jackie,
Comment: Great site my mother was Margaret O'Neill from Greenock,Scotland.I have sent another name-Gertrude Spencer however I don't have all pertinent info. perhaps someone else can supply.

2/12/09 Looking for Marguerite Vallely Layfield !!!

Name:Ann Reynolds

Comment: Hi Jackie,
Good Evening,

I have heard of you from many web sites praising your work and I thought, with your knowledge that you might be able to assist me or at least point me in the right direction.

I have been searching for my great Aunt Marguerite Vallely Layfield who emigrated to Canada in 1947 for many months now but to no avail.

Layfield was my great aunt's maiden name and she was known as Rita. Rita joined the WAAF during WW2, in England, met a French Canadian pilot and we understand that her journey to Canada was to marry this man. Unfortunately, I do not know the name of Rita's French Canadian Pilot.

Rita sailed on a ship from Liverpool called the Empress of Canada on 10/12/1947 bound for St John, NB, Canada.

Rita was born in Liverpool, England on 24 May 1924 and was the eldest daughter of George Vallely Layfield and Margaret Mary Layfield (nee Radcliffe).

Rita had a younger sister called Joan Katherine Vallely Layfield who was born 24 June 1925, I understand Joan died at a young age.

Rita's mother Margaret was the only sibling of my grandmother Lilian Furey nee Radcliffe. Rita's mother Margaret died in 1943 and her father, George who was a merchant seaman, died in 1957.

My dad Albert Furey and his elder brother Dave Furey are now elderly gentlemen and they have asked me to help them locate and contact Rita and her family. As I say, I have been trying for many months now to locate Rita's whereabouts and have my story posted on many web site notice boards, all of which have so far been fruitless.

I sincerely hope you can assist me and I thank you for taking the time to read this e-mail.


Name: Pat
Comment: Hi Jackie,
Comment: Hi, Great work on this site. Mom is winifred Ploughman. Ship was SS Scythia. Please delete info on Bennett winifred It is incorrect.
This has been done.Please send in any corrections. Jackie


Name: Jane
Comment: Hi Jackie,
I was googling "citizenship" for our WI (Women's Institute) program on Citizenship and Legislation and I came upon your site....
You have done a wonderful job on your site. Congratulations!


Name: Jan
Comment: Hi Jackie,
I cut the article about your exhibit and website out of the Telegram quite a while ago and have just gotten around to writing you. I have always felt as if my mother (Margaret Russell) was a war bride as she met my Newfoundland father in Halifax in 1944 when he was there training for the Royal Canadian Air Force. She was from Ontario and was also in the RCAir Force Women's Division stationed in Halifax. He was sent overseas shortly afterwards but they kept in touch and in 1946 they were married in Ontario and she left Canada to come to Newfoundland - knowing no one except my father. Her experiences are certainly similiar to those women who came from across the ocean.
I wonder if there are many other women from Canada who married NL men and is there somewhere on your website where we can include women like my mother who made wonderful contributions to Newfoundland.


Name: Allison
Comment: Hi Jackie,
I gave my sister the website today and I think she spent most of the afternoon going
through it.


Name: Allison
Comment: Hi Jackie,
I was informed last night of your website and the fact that my mother Nessie Thomson was included on the list of names. I had a wonderful time going through your very informative website and finding a lot of my mother’s friends also included. She passed away in 1995 but I know would have been very impressed with your site....
Thank you once again for taking on this project and doing such an excellent job with it.


Name: Lorraine
Comment: Hi Jackie,
You have done a wonderful job. Keep up the good work. Mom would have loved to have seen this site and all the beautiful memories that it holds.


Name: Kathleen
Comment: Wonderful work. Thank you for providing details on how it was all made and assembled. I wish I could have been there to see it.




Name: Janet White
Comment: Congratulations on getting the web site about the Newfoundland War Brides up and running. Great job. Some of my nieces who didn't even know their grandmother, as she died fairly young, have seen your sight and are really excited to actually see something there about their grandmother. They're sending the site around to everyone.


Name: Debie. Winnipeg,Mb
Comment: Thank You, this is part of the history of Newfoundland.

I have roots in Newfoundland but no history of War Brides that I know of.

I think that you are doing a very important


Name: Pumpkinite
Comment: Lovely photos!


Name: Melissa (Crane) Janes
Comment: Hi, I am Ellen (Convoy's) Crane granddaaughter. Friday while my sister was at work she found the Newfoundland War Brides website. She found our grandmothers photo and a little bit of info about her. My sister and I will be updating her information shortly. We did not know that there was a book out with photos and information about these women who travelled to such a far and barren land. A lot different than what they were use to according to the stories that we heard from her. I have a little girl who was fascinated hearing these little tales and I would like to know where I could purchase the book for her so she could have something to remember her "Nana". Nan passed away on June 12 of last year after. She was 85. She is a woman who is greatly missed.
Thank you.


Name: Anne Oake (nee Alexander)
Comment: What a beautiful website! I love to look at it over and over again! It was so gratifying to see the information I submitted for my Mum was updated in such a timely manner.
Thank you.


Name: Barbara Trill
Comment: Great site amazed I found my aunts name, keep up the good work..
Regards Barbara.


Name: John Williams
Comment: Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it! :)

Name: Catherine M Hynes
Comment: Love the site I know you have and are putting a lot of time into it. Take care and may it reach around the world.
Your friend

Name: Heather Matthews
Comment: Hi Jackie,
I met you at the launch of your website, which Iattended with my grandmother, Enid Stevenson. I just want to let you know what a great job you have done with the site! What a tremendous amount of work, it must truly be a labour of love! ...
Thank you for all your hard work, Jackie! It is certainly appreciated!
Heather (Stevenson) Matthews

Name: Lloyd Rowsell
Comment: Thank you for a wonderful job.
Lloyd,Vancouver, B.C.

Name:Verna M Walsh
Comment: Excellent Site.

Name: Linda Holden
Comment:You have done a great job on the web site...

Name: Ieshia Pike
Comment: I was reading this page for a school project when I started to look through some war brides names when I came across Nancy Pike's name so I asked my dad if we were related and he said yes I though it was soo kool I had no idea that I could be related to a war bride.

Name: Bill Eaton
Comment: My Grandfather, William J Eaton, was a survivor of Beaumont Hamel and went on to marry Daisy Bell, an 18 year old Scott from Edinburgh. Daisy traveled alone from England and had all her wedding gifts, silver ware, china and linens, stolen during the trip to St. John's. She eventually found her way to her new home on Long's hill and her life here began. She had seven children, Campbell and Bill (both went off to WWII), Helen, Doug, Alister, Daisy, and David. She died at the age of 86 having never expressed a desire to return to Scotland. She cherished Newfoundland and her affection was lovingly returned. I wonder how many of us (at age 18)would have survived, let alone, prospered if faced with such adversities? We, her grandchildren, are grateful she did.

Name: Lin Crosbie-Marshall
Comment: Jackie: Although I didn't know her- and this may be somewhat presumptuous- I really do think that your war bride mom would be very proud of her daughter. Your website is very professional and extremely well done. Congratulations!

Name: Ieshia pike Comment: COOL SITE MAN !!!!!!!!!! :D i love you

Name: Marjorie(Lavender)Vatcher
Comment: The Tuckers (Rosina and James) were neighbours of mine in Corner Brook. what a delightful woman she was,always so cheerful and pleasant.She always had time for a chat and I just loved her accent. They had 5 great children.Elinor,Angela,Rosemarie, Brian & Gerald.. The daughters were my baby sitters from time to time .

Name: Ian Graham
Comment: My name is Ian Graham and I am the son of Isa Graham, a NL war bride. I am presently in Qatar working with CNA and I read the story about your website in the Evening Telegram this morning. It was a spendid article and I have to commend you on your site. I see alot of ladies who my Mother use to talk about, and several I know well, and remincised about the story of her arrival in NL...

Name: Lorraine (Young) Crawford
Comment:Hello Jackie, First of all, may I congratulate you on your magnificent website. I have been browsing through it, and finding it very interesting. Like you, I find it sad that these ladies don't have better documentation, and I appreciate the hard work you are doing to try and rectify that...

Name: Annette Fulford
Comment:Hi Jackie,
I just wanted to congratulate you on your new exhibition and the unveiling of your website on the 17th. I hope both will be very successful.
Best wishes,
Annette Fulford


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