Mary Tucker

by Joe Tucker

A poem written for Mary Tucker by her husband Joe Tucker

At The Ball In Kirriemuir

In January 1941 by chance, in Kirriemuir, I attended a dance
So many faces I did not know and of my place I was not sure
For I was a lonely Newfoundlander on a Scottish shore.

I was soon admired in my Royal Air Force blue
By a Scottish lassie so true
As quickly she glided across the floor
At the ball in Kirriemuir.

My name is Mary Balflour and I find you a handsome man
If you are here all alone I would like to be your friend.
The night went quickly by as we glided across the floor
I knew my heart was smitten by this lass from Kerriemuir.

We danced and danced until early dawn
Sadly I knew my time was not long
Soon I returned to Invergarden on Scotland’s fair shore
My heart weighed heavy for this girl I adored.

Time had passed but I did return once more
On my way to a land foreign to me
Aboard a ship bound for an Arabian sea.

Three long years had passed me by in that foreign land
My heart it ached to be with her on that Scottish shore
Soon I would return to her in the town of Kirriemuir.

Many a lassie I did admire while traveling on that foreign shore,
But none could compare to the Scottish lassie whom I did adore
From the ball in the town hall in Kirriemuir.

We met again so much in love and married according to God’s will
Sixty-three years have passed us by as though time was standing still.

Now I sit in my chair here in Newfoundland
And let my mind quietly roam
Back to the place of her birth, to her Scottish home
I can see her so clearly now as we danced across the floor
And how we fell in love that night
At the ball in the hall in the town of Kerriemuir.

Josiah(Joe) Tucker Nov/10/2007

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