Name Helen Sullivan

Date 15/08/07
Author Danette Dooley

All those years ago
War brides say they have few regrets about the sacrifices they made for love

Special to The Telegram

Helen Sullivan is from Edinburgh, Scotland. Her husband, Harold Sullivan, was born and raised in Pouch Cove. Helen was in her teens when they married in Scotland.

"I remember on VJ Day everybody went mad. We were just so glad that the war was over," she says.

Some of her earliest memories of being in Newfoundland are of watching her mother-in-law make bread.

"She used to put it in a barrel and put it out in the back kitchen where they used to keep everything cold."

Helen and Harold had six children.

"The first two I lost them; they died very young."

Helen and Harold were married for over 40 years when Harold passed away. She has many fond memories of their life together to keep her company.

"I kept 50 cents back each payday - that was for a bottle of beer for my husband on Saturday night," she recalled.

"We used to go dancing every weekend at the Legion and the Old Colony Club."

Helen says she has no regrets about leaving her home country for a land she knew nothing about.

"I wouldn't change a thing."

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