Name: Gladys Penney

Date 15/08/07
Author Danette Dooley

All those years ago
War brides say they have few regrets about the sacrifices they made for love

Special to The Telegram

Gladys Penney is also from Edinburgh, and she married Harold Penney of Hant's Harbour.

"Everybody was rejoicing on VJ Day. My husband was away at sea but he came back after," she said.

Gladys was 22 when they married in Scotland. Moving from a big city to an outport was "a shocker," she says.

"It was during the biggest snowstorm in the winter. There was no running water and only outdoors toilets."

Harold and Gladys had one child and were married for over 50 years. Harold has since passed away.

"I had a good life," she says. "I don't regret coming."

Information can be found at The Telegram

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