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All those years ago
War brides say they have few regrets about the sacrifices they made for love

Special to The Telegram

Just hours after Cathie (Douglas) Kirby said her wedding vows on Aug. 14, 1945, a much larger celebration broke out in the street outside her hotel room in Glasgow, Scotland.

"I was married at six o'clock and at midnight that night, VJ (Victory over Japan) was announced. We looked out the hotel window and everything was going crazy. Everyone was screaming," Cathie recalls.
In North America, Aug. 14 marks the 62nd anniversary of that victory, when Japan surrendered to the allies to end the Second World War.

After the war, thousands of young British women, including Cathie, left their homes and came to Canada with the men who'd won their hearts while fighting for their country.

It's estimated that about 800 British war brides came to Newfoundland.

Cathie is from a small village just a few miles outside Glasgow. She married just out of her teens.

"We had our wedding at home because it was during the war. And you had coupons to buy your clothes and that's how I bought my dress for my wedding," she recalls with a laugh.

Cathie's husband, William (Bill) Kirby from St. John's, served in the 166th Newfoundland Field Regiment Royal Artillery. They were married for over 45 years before Bill passed away.

"I was very happy here with my husband and my three children. And I wouldn't change anything. No matter where I travel, I want to come back."

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