Name Eve Badcock

Date 15/08/07
Author Danette Dooley

All those years ago
War brides say they have few regrets about the sacrifices they made for love

Special to The Telegram

Eve Badcock is from Kent, England. She was 18 when she married her husband, Gordon Badcock.

"My mother tried to tell me the facts of life but she got them a little muddled," Eve says, laughing.

When the war ended, Eve moved with Gordon to St. John's after two years of marriage.

One of the things that surprised her the most was the lack of water and sewer.

"He'd told me that I was coming to a place where there was a well, but I thought a well was something you threw coins into and made a wish," Eve says, smiling.

Eve says her husband's family was good to her when she arrived in Newfoundland.
Five of the war brides interviewed for this story, including Eve, now live at Meadow Creek Retirement Centre in Paradise. Several keep their black-and-white wedding photo beside their bed.
"I didn't like it here at first but I love it now and I wouldn't want to live anywhere else," Eve says.

She and Gordon had a good life, she adds. They were married for 50 years and raised three children before Gordon passed away.

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