"I am her oldest child and have wonderful memories of her beautiful singing voice,her ability to play a number of musical instruments. She was the most generous person I have ever known, she held dying babies,sat with the sick, made clothes for the kids who had none and even took our favourite clothes to give to others who needed them. She taught my father to dance, made costumes for the school plays but most of all taught us empathy, would not listen to harmful gossip nor allow any racist remarks. She was lonely for her family in Scotland but gave her best to her new community. Anna,Roy and I are very proud of her, she will always be lovingly remembered." Elizabeth

Barbara Whalen

War Bride Name: Barbara Whalen
Date of Birth: Nov. 7, 1921 - 1961
Maiden Name: McCormack
Hometown: Bellshill, Scotland
Occupation: Seamstress
Husband: Roy Whalen
Date of Marraige: Oct, 1942
Date of Departure: March, 1946
Ships Name: SS Scythia
Arrived in Canada: March, 1946 Halifax
Date/Port of Arrival in NL:
Settled in: Deer Lake
Names of Children: Betty, Anna, & Roy

Additional information: Barbara was friends with fellow war bride Catherine Stuckless.

"My mother, Barbara Whalen, returned to Scotland in May,1960, very ill, and was admitted to a sanitorium. She died there in May, 1961. Even after all those years, she is fondly remembered in Deer Lake even by people my age. I think this speaks of her character.
She was a kind, compassionate person who was always there to help others.I remember going with her to attend to new mothers and their babies.
She was a very talented seamstress. To save the Brownie organization money, she put her sewing skills to work making uniforms for all the Brownies. My sister would draw a picture of a dress she wanted and Mom would make a pattern out of brown paper and then make the dress. I remember her remaking dresses into whole new styles. She taught me to sew when I was just a little girl.
She was a talented musician on the piano accordian. When she was asked to play at a community function, she would listen to the radio for a few days to get all the current popular tunes. Her accordian was one of her treasures. She tried to teach Dad to play by writing the notes on the keys. That was a disaster. She instilled in us a love of good music. My brother and I can still remember her teaching us to spell Tchaikovsky when were were in primary school," Anna>
She was very knowlegeable. She could help us with our homework in any subject at any level.
It is sad she died so young. She would really have enjoyed her grandchildren and greatgrandchildren.

Information provided by daughter Anna, July 30, 2009.

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