(?) = none to little information available.
(G) = Good information available.
P = photo of War Bride provided.
(? ship) name found on or matched with a ship's passenger list.


  • Thistle, Rodda Violet A. (nee Rodda) (ship- Melita)

  • WWII
  • Tapper, Mrs. Albert (?ship-S.S. Mauretania)
  • Tarrant, Margaret,Lawn (nee Crilly) (G) P
  • Taylor, A (?ship matched-Scythia/SS Baccalieu)
  • Temple, Catherine (nee McRobbie) (VG ship-Mauritania) P
  • Thistle, Joyce (nee Spence) (VG ship-Queen Elizabeth I ) P
  • Thompson, Daisy (nee Fraser) (G ship-SS Drottningholm)
  • Thomson, Agnes, went by Nessie, (nee Mc Gaw) St. John's (G)
  • Thorne, Marion (?some ship-S.S. Mauretania)
  • Thornhill, Margaret, Fortune (?some) P
  • Tilley, Dorothy (?ship-S.S. Mauretania)
  • Tilley, Joan, Clarenville (nee Munro) (G) P
  • Tilley, Mary (nee Balfour) (?some ship-S.S. Mauretania)
  • Tizzard, Voilet (?ship matched-Scythia/SS Baccalieu)
  • Tobin, Mrs. (?ship-Scythia/SS Baccalieu)
  • Toope, Mrs. (?ship-Scythia/SS Burgeo)
  • Trimm, Helena,Carbonear (?some)
  • Tucker, Ellen (?G arrived 1946)(nee Bentley) NP
  • Tucker, Mary (nee Balfour) (VG ship-SS Cavina) P
  • Tucker, Muriel (?some ship-S.S. Mauretania) NP
  • Tucker, Rosina,Corner Brook 1946 (nee Snow) (G) P

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    WWII = 18 + 2 = 20