E. Dorothy M. Roach was born in Porth Sth. Wales, 1924. She served with the ATS as a Radar Operator from 29th January, 1942 to 1st April, 1945. She arrived in Newfoundland in April of 1946.
Mrs. Roach name matched with the March 17, 1946, S.S. Fort Amherst ships passenger's list, name, date and place of settlement matched.

Edith Dorothy Margaret Roach

Name: Dorthy Roach
Born: 1924
Died: January 26, 2017 at the age of 93
Maiden name: Clapp
From: Porth Sth. Wales
Occupation: ATS-Radar Operator
Husband: (Cyril) John Roach
Date of Marriage: Sept. 26, 1945
Date of Departure: Liverpool, England, March 17,1946
Ships Name: SS Scythia
Date/Port Arrived in Canada: Pier 21,
Halifax, Nova Scotia March 22, 1946
Travelled to NL. on: Mrs. Roach
---S. S. Fort Amherst
Date Arrived in NL: March 26, 1946
Port of Arrival in NL.: St, John’s
Settled in: Glovertown, NL
Children: 7, Twins (David & John) who
passed away shortly after birth,
Lynda, Kathleen, David, Karyl, and Cynthia

"Fort Amherst", Has Been Delayed in New York
and is Not Due Until Next Tuesday;
Other Dependants Arriving By Rail.
That would be the first week in April.

"I ... have a telegram that my grandmother found while visiting her mothers home in Wales, England. She did not even know the telegram existed as my grandfather had sent it to her parents and I believe she said it was dated for the day before she arrived in NFLD, that or he sent it the day after she arrived at some point but she never saw him send it!
It is a Western Union Telegram, received at ground floor, Dowlais Buildings, Cardiff Docks, Wales)
and reads
fr St johns NF
Mrs D Clapp
3 Enid st trelaw rhonddaglam
arrived yesterday all well writing today love Dot
it is stamped for april 5 1946"

Information and photo from Royal Canadian Legion Lest We Forget Volume 6. http://www.fenety.com/NLCL06na.pdf

Name found in the DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, March 26, 1946 With the Wives and Children
Information transcribed by John Baird and Sue O' Neill
Reprinted courtesy of Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing

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Additional information provided by grand daughter Diana, Jan. 5 & 6, 2010.