Helen was born on May 12th., 1918in Glasglow , Scotland. She served with the Royal Air Force from October 13 th., 1942 t0 April 27 th, 1945 in Scotland. She arrived in Newfoundland in May, 1945. She was the War Bride of Alexander M. Rideout.

Helen A. Rideout

Born: May 12th, 1918- December 20th, 1991
Maiden Name: Young
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation: Royal Air Force
Husband: Alexander M. Rideout
Date of Marriage:
Date of Departure:
Ships Name:
Date / Port Arrived in Canada:
Date / Port of Arrival in NL.: May 1946
Settled in: Caplin Cove

Information and photo from Royal Canadian Legion Lest We Forget Volume 5., Page 103