WWI War Bride
Austin Pardy had the distinction of being the only one of the Labrador soldiers in WWI to have been taken Prisoner of War, and also the only one to bring home a war bride.Beatrice Party is the only known war bride to settle in Labrador.

Beatrice (Aunt Betty) Pardy

Born: abt 1898
Maiden Name: Whittle
From: Nwfald, England
Occupation: Driver for the RAF
Husband: Austin Party, Royal Nfld. Regiment
Date of Marriage: Jan. 18, 1919
Date/ Port of Departure: Liverpool, England
Ships Name: Scandinavian
Port of arrival in Canada:St. John,New Brunswick
Port of Arrival in NL.:11 Apr 1919
Settled in:
Children: son David

Beatrice Pardy is listed as being "Age: 21"
when she arrived in Canada.

Roll: T-14837

T-14837 is the microfilm roll number that the information can be found on from the Library and Archives Canada. There are archives across Canada that have copies of these microfilm because not everyone can view the information at www.ancestry.ca/, which is a pay for view website.

"Beatrice and Austin Pardy arrived in Canada on the SS Scandinavian. They had to take another boat to Newfoundland. It says their Port of Arrival in the Ancestry.ca database is St. John, New Brunswick..."

Annette Fulford
Canadian War Brides of the First World War

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