My mother Mary Nash arrived in St Johns in March 1946 she was married to Raymond Nash from Branch .I know from the stories she told us how strange and hard she found life in Branch in those early years .
Name matched with the S.S. Burgeo ships passenger's list.

Mary Nash

War Bride's Name: Mary Nash
Date of Birth: 24/08/1920
Maiden Name: Coulton
Hometown: Baildon West Yorkshire
Occupation: Ammunitions
Husband: Raymond Nash, from Branch
Date of Marraige: 29/10/1941
Date of Departure: March 1946
Ships Name: SS SCYTHIA
Date/Port of Arrival in Canada: Halifax, Pier 21
Date/Port of Arrival in NL:Mrs. Nash and child, Branch " SS Burgeo"
Settled in: Branch St Marys Bay
Names of Children: David, Marlene, Doreen, Robert,
Kathleen, Jean, Raymond, George.

Information provided by Marlene Nash. (May 18, 2009)

Name found in the DAILY NEWS TUESDAY, March 26, 1946 With the Wives and Children
Information transcribed by John Baird and Sue O' Neill
Reprinted courtesy of Robinson-Blackmore Printing and Publishing

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