Penelope Mercer was born in Scotland in 1927. She arrived in Newfoundland on March 26th, 1946.

Penelope (nee Duncan) Mercer

War Bride's Name: Penelope Mercer
Date of Birth: August 29 1927
Maiden Name: Duncan
Hometown: Stoneyburn West Lothian
Occupation: Homemaker
Husband: James Mercer
Date of Marraige: March 18 1944
Date of Departure: Ships Name: Date/Port of Arrival in Canada: March 1946/ Halifax
Date/Port of Arrival in NL: Settled in: Shearstown Names of Children: James, Thomas, Ralph, Raymond, Brenda, Elizabeth

Information updated by B. Vokey, Oct. 23, 2010.

Information and photo from Royal Canadian Legion Lest We Forget Volume 7., Page 87