Isabel perferred to go by her middle name, Jane or "Jenny".

Isabel (Jane) Lawrence

Born: 1923
Maiden Name: Chapman
From: Lowestoff, Suffork, England
Occupation: Ammunition worker
Husband: Olliphant Lawrence
Date of Marriage: March 17 1943
Date of Departure: July 7, 1945
Ships Name: Gunard White Star
Date / Port of Arrival in NL.:July 12th, 1945
Direct to Newfoundland
Settled in: Bay Largent, Wabush, Nova Scotia
Children: Sandra, Margaret, Robert, Allan, Ben, Tony, Elaine, Wilson

Note of interest: Jane is one of the few war brides
that settled in Labrador

Information and photo from Royal Canadian Legion, Lest We Forget, Volume 4., Page 95


Additional information from Elaine