Heather Larder was born in Halstead, Essex, UK . She served with the 216th Search Light Regiment, Royal Artillery (A.T.S.) from 7th October, 1941 to 22nd March, 1943.

Heather Larder

Maiden Name: Levien
From: Cambridge, England
Occupation: Auxiliary Territorial Service
Husband: John Larder, Army (R.C.E.M.E.)
Date of Marriage: April 15th, 1942
Ships Name: Queen Mary
Date of Departure: Sept. 1945 from Southampton
Date Arrived in Canada: 1945
Port of Arrival: Pieir 21 Halifax
Settled in: New Ross,N.S & St.John's NL.
Children: 7, twins Barbara and Joanne born in England,
Collin, Elizabeth, Robert, David, Mark



Information updated Apr. 5,8, 2009.
Interviewed in St. John's in Aug. 2007
Photo from Royal Canadian Legion Lest We Forget Volume 6. http://www.fenety.com/NLCL06na.pdf