There were 18 Newfoundland War Brides on board headed for Halifax but on Dec. 27 1945 the captain sailed to the mouth of the narrows & let some 200 Newfoundlanders and 18 war brides on board disembark. Winifred Joan Brown was born in Dorset, England on 23rd December, 1921. She married Wallace Laite, Royal Artillery.

Winifred Joan (Laite) Brown

Born: 1921
Maiden Name:
From: Dorset, England
Husband: Wallace Laite, Royal Artillery
Date of Marriage:
Date of Departure:
Ships Name: Duchess of Bedford
Arrived at:
Port of Arrival: St. John’s, 28th December, 1945.
Settled in:

Mrs. Laite remarried and is now Mrs. Brown

From the Book, ”We Came From Over the Sea” page 66.
Photo from Royal Canadian Legion Lest We Forget Volume 6.