When Michael and Christina Holden were married, Helen, who is also a war bride and her husband Jim O'Leary were the Maid of Honor and Best Man for the Holdens. Jim and Michael were in the army together and were good friends.

Christina Holden

Born: March 26th 1922
Maiden Name: Guthrie
From: Glasgow, Scotland
Occupation: munitions plant
Husband: Michael Holden,
166th NL Field Regt. R.A.
Date of Marriage: August 24th 1946,
St. Patrick's Church, St. John's, NL
Date of Departure: Southampton 1946
Ships Name: Lady Rodney direct to St. John's?
Date Arrived in NL.: July 22, 1946
Port of Arrival: St. John’s
Settled in: St. John’s,
Children: 4, 3 daughters and 1 son

From the Book, ”We Came From Over the Sea” page 70
Additional information provided by Linda Holden