WWI War Bride

Mary Ethel (Maisie) Garland

Warbride Name: Mary Ethel (Maisie) Garland (WW1)
Date of Birth: 1894
Maiden Name: Stevenson
Hometown: Ayr, Scotland
Husband: Lt. Charles F. Garland
Date of Marraige: May 3, 1917
Date of Departure:
Ships Name: Corsican
Date/Port of Arrival in Canada:
Date/Port of Arrival in NL:
Settled in:
Children: None

"Maisie and Charl lived in St. John's. Charl died in 1965 and Maisie died tragically in a house fire at their home on Robinsons Hill in 1968. Charl was my grandfather's half-brother and the result of my great-grandfather's second marriage. He was a distinguished Newfoundlander serving as Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod prior to Commission of Government and later as Secretary Treasurer of the Newfoundland Confederation Association which later became the Newfoundland Liberal Party. In an interview in 1982, Joe Smallwood credited Charl with introducing him to the idea of confederation with Canada. As a young teen in 1963, I met both Charl and Maisie at the Grace Hospital at the bedside of my dying aunt."
Sincerely Ian.

It's too bad that Maisie's passage couldn't be found. They were married in 1917 so perhaps she came here before the end of the war. An interesting story was told in Jack FitzGerald's book, "Untold Stories of Newfoundland". Apparently, Maisie's brother-in-law was the Maharajah (prince) of Indore, India. He was a fairly big man and his annual salary was his weight in gold...about $2 million. FitzGerald reported that the Maharajah once landed in Gander on his way to the US. A reporter asked Charl if he was going to Gander to meet him but Charl responded to the effect that he was too busy winning Confederation for Joey. I'm sure that there are lots of little stories that can be told about Maisie and Charl......Ian

Here is the direct link to Charles F. Garland's service record http://www.therooms.ca/regiment/soldier_files/Garland_Charles_Frederick_rnr-0132.pdf

Many of the service records for Newfoundland soldiers are online now at http://www.therooms.ca/regiment/part1_entering_the_great_war.asp

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This website shows that he was wounded at the Battle of the Somme http://www.newfoundlandandthesomme.com/battle/1st_nfld_regiment.htm
182- Sergt. Charles F. Garland, 44 Carter's Hill. Wounded, left leg and right side.

Here is an excerpt from the book The First Five Hundred, which is online at http://www.archive.org/details/firstfivehundred00cramuoft .

The book is also online at the Chebuto Genealogy website at http://ngb.chebucto.org/NFREG/WWI/ww1-rnr-500-chapter09.shtml

CHARLES FREDERICK GARLAND Reg. No. 182 (includes photo)
Enlisted, Sept. 3, 1914; Lance Corporal, Sept. 21, 1914; Corporal, June 7, 1915; British Mediterranean Expeditionary Force, Aug. 20, 1915; Sergeant, Oct. 28, 1915; British Expeditionary Force, March 14, 1916; Wounded, Beaumont Hamel, July 1, 1916; Evacuated to England, July 6, 1916; 2nd Lieutenant, Nov. 1, 1916; Attached to 2nd Battalion, Depot, for duty, Nov. 10, 1916; Lieutenant, May 1, 1918; Returned to Newfoundland, May 22, 1919; Retired, July 5, 1919.

List of Voters
District of St. John's East
Special Lists of Volunteers
Ward 4
Number Surname Place of Abode
6277 GARLAND, Charles F. 44 Carter's Hill


I haven't been able to find him or Maisie in the passenger lists arriving at Halifax or St. John's. It might be hard if Maisie is a nickname and not her original first name. I did, however, find Charles travelling to Canada in August 1919 on the ship Rosalind.

Name: Charles Frederick Garland
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Estimated birth year: abt 1893
Date of Arrival: 25 Aug 1919
Vessel: Rosalind
Port of Arrival: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Port of Departure: St Johns, Newfoundland
Roll: T-14797