WWI War Bride
Elsie Bell was the sister of another WWI War Bride, Daisy Eaton. Elsie married Hamor Gardner of British Harbour, Nfld. He met Elsie overseas, married her and brought her back to British Harbour.

Elsie Gardner

Born: May 15, 1895
Maiden Name: Bell
Hometown: Edinburgh, Scotland
Occupation: Writer of Childrens' Fiction
(The Maxie Books)
Husband: Hamor Gardner of British Harbour, Nfld
Date of Marraige: September 28, 1916
Date of Departure: May 22, 1919
Ships Name: Corsican
Date/Port Arrived in Canada:
Ship to Newfoundland:
Port of Arrival:
Date Arrived in NL: Most liklye early June 1919
Settled in: 52 Longs Hill St John's Nfld, British
Harbour Trinity Bat & later Toronto, Ontario
Names of Children: Helen Edna, Douglas, Anita & Harry

This photo of Elsie (Elspeth Janette) Bell Gardner and her new baby Helen Edna was taken in 1917. Elsie and Hamor did not stay long in Newfoundland after the war. They moved to Ontario where Hamor joined the OPP. Towards the end of her life she did make a trip back to see Hamor's birthplace, British Harbour. When you Google Elsie Bell Gardner a lot of information comes up. There is information on her at the Simon Fraser University website under Early Canadian Women Writers. (interestingly her books were published in the U.S., Canadian publishers wouldn't take the risk) Elsie wrote for the Mail & Empire in Toronto under the pseudonym Janet Jamieson and wrote girls stories, the six Maxie series books (Cupples & Leon) in the 1930's. Elsie was also elected to the Burlington city council in 1939.
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Note of Interest: Hamor brother is in the history books for bravery. Hamor enlisted on December 14, 1914 and was discharged July 4, 1919. He received a commendation for his bravery at Gallipoli in WW1.
My Mum was an infant of 22 months when they got to St. John's.
My Grandmother, Elsie Bell Gardner, lived a full life until she died at age 99. Hamor died in 1948 so she was a widow for a long time and lived with our family. Hamor was one of the first members of the Ontario Provincial Police once they settled in Ontario.

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Hamor Gardner, husband of Elsie Bell
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who tell us that WWI War Bride Daisy Bell Eaton was the great aunt of her husband, his grandmother and Daisy were sisters.
I did meet Daisy in l981, a refind wonderful lady.

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