Married by Rev. Alfred John Buckley in the parish house as the church had been bombed. Irene Richardson (fellow nurse) was maid of honour & Fred Samms from Rencontre was best man.

Doris Martha Durnford

Born: 17 Feb 1924
Died: Maiden Name: Bulbrook
Parents:Father - BULBROOK Robert Walte
Mother - BROOKER Florence Harrie
From: Greenwich, England
Occupation: nurse
Husband: DURNFORD Frederick (Fred),
b. 12 Jul 1916, Rencontre West, Nfld
Date of Marriage: St. Paul's Church, Devonshire, England
Divorced: 1969 Brockville, Ont.
Remarried: Doris = GOOSSENS Rene 1969
Fred = CORNFORTH Lena Ellen 1969
Date of Departure:
Ships Name:
Date Arrived in Canada:
Port of Arrival:
Traveled to NL. on: a
Port of Arrival:
Settled in:
Children: Leslie, Catherine and Cynde Louise

Captain Fred Dumford
Royal Navy stationed in Portsmouth, UK injured around 1943. Married in Greenwich - South Street Baptist Church, Feb. 1945. Injured in a skating rink. Went to get Olvotine from a stove and building was bombed, stove fell on him. Had approx. 100 operations at East Grinstead Hospital, a famous burn hospital. Was shown in a book written by Dr. (father of plastic surgery). Newspaper casualty list: Mr. Frederick Durnford, O.S., son of Mr. John M. Durnford, Rencontre West, is suffering from burns on his right hand and right side of face received in an ememy air raid. He is reciving treatment in the Royal Naval Hospital at Haslar, and his condition is believed to be series [sp]. Note: his cousin James William Durnford is mentioned in the same casualty list.
Captain of Ralph Blanche (dad's boat) and coastal hospital ship.

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