Denise L. Bourgeois

Maiden Name: Chantelat
From: Le Bourget, France
Husband: Hubert J. Bourgeois of Curling, Nfld,RAF/RCAF
Date of Marriage: June 22, 1945
Date of Departure:
Ships Name: Lady Rodney
Date Arrived in NL.: june/july 1946, St. John's
Settled in: Curling
Children: Paulette, Linda, Esther, Michael

...She still enjoys painting as she has done now for seventy six years. Yes, she was 12 years old, an elementary student in France, when she discovered she had an excellent eye for painting. She has four children, two of whom reside close by, in Nova Scotia, and two still in Nfld...

email from her niece Juli Ann 2014-03-09

Photo submitted by daughter Linda.(Feb. 19, 2009)
Information updated by Denise daughter Paulette,
who tell us that WWI War Bride Daisy Bell Eaton was the great aunt of her husband, his grandmother and Daisy were sisters.
I did meet Daisy in l981, a refind wonderful lady.