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The CBC TV show Land and Sea aired the show "The Women who Crossed an Ocean"on Oct 28th. 2015 which was about war brides. Many of the photos used in the opening and closing are from this site.Yoou can go to the CBC archives and view this program.

As of Oct. 28, 2015 there are 600 War Brides Listed.


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During the years of WWII, thousands of Newfoundland men went to war. This was a dangerous time and a tomorrow might not come. Life was lived to its fullest. Men met women who they pursued, dated and, either in a short period of time or after a long letter writing courtship, they married. These women became known as war brides and after the war these women left everything, sailed across an ocean and found themselves in Newfoundland.

At this time in history, Newfoundland's economy was very weak. Parts of the island were still isolated and many places did not have roads, running water, inside toilets and there was very little religious tolerance.

The war brides thought this was a very rocky and wild land. They were very shocked at the amount of snow Newfoundland would get in the winter.

These women arrived in Newfoundland and it was not their handsome young man in uniform that met them. Many women arrived on the dock to be met by husbands they had not seen in a long time,wearing clothes that may have been all they owned. It is thought that half the women that came, got on the next boat and returned home. Some women were lucky and were met with open arms by their new families while others were not as lucky.

The war brides were brave women, endured much hardship and deserve to be remembered. They contributed to the war effort, this province and our futures. These war brides were the first large mass of women to show they could work, run a house, wear pants, fly a plane, drive, do a man's job and keep a country going. Just think, these were / are our mom's, our grandmothers and our great grandmothers.

This site is a Thank You to each and every war bride that came to our country.

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