Name Eileen Dicks

Date 15/08/07
Author Danette Dooley

All those years ago
War brides say they have few regrets about the sacrifices they made for love

Special to The Telegram

Eileen Dicks has fond memories of life in London during the war years.

What was once a magnificent opera house there was turned into a dance hall, she recalled in a previous interview with The Telegram.

"They took all the seats out from the theatre area and put in a beautiful dance floor with a bandstand that used to revolve, so the music was non-stop."

Of the men who led Eileen to the dance floor, one won not only her hand but also her heart. His name was Ron Dicks, a Bell Island native serving with the 166th Newfoundland Regiment.

After the war, Eileen came to Newfoundland and she and Ron were married on Bell Island.

They have one son and were married for 52 years when Ron passed away.

Eileen found her niche in the writing community. Many of her war memories are included in the book, "We Came From Over the Sea."

"I'd do it all over again and wouldn't change a single thing," she says.

Information can be found at The Telegram

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